Skype Gets Mobile Screen Sharing

Skype Gets Mobile Screen Sharing
iOS and Android device owners can now use Skype to share their screen during video calls.

(CCM) — Skype users on Android and iOS devices can now share their screens during video calls with the latest release of the Microsoft-owned communication app, according to an Engadget report.

Screen sharing can be useful during video calls, for example to show a friend how to find or change a particular phone setting or to share a graph or other image with a work colleague. While the feature has been available to desktop Skype users for some time, its introduction on mobile platforms comes just weeks after it was first made available to a limited number of Android and iOS beta testers.

The new feature can be accessed from the "…" menu, which is visible at the bottom right corner of the Skype call screen, along with other options such as call recording, subtitles, and the ability to add more people to the call, the report says. For security purposes, a warning banner appears at the top of the screen when screen sharing is active.

The new release also features an updated design, which lets users better focus on calls by enabling them to hide the call controls by tapping once on the screen, and hiding all the elements on the screen by tapping the screen twice.

The new update is available now for Android and iPhones and iPads running iOS 12 or later.

Image: © Skype.