Outdoor Ears' Wonderboom Gets Boost

Outdoor Ears' Wonderboom Gets Boost
The Wonderboom 2 outdoor Bluetooth speaker can be paired with another for true stereo separation.

(CCM) — Outdoor Ears has given its Wonderboom outdoor Bluetooth speaker a huge feature boost with the introduction of the Wonderboom 2, The Verge is reporting.

The original Wonderboom was waterproof (and could float), but the Wonderboom 2 is rated IP67, meaning it can be immersed in water for up to an hour, and is also resistant to dust. That means it should appeal to campers and hikers as well as pool party aficionados.

Perhaps more importantly, the new speaker sounds better outdoors thanks to an "Outdoor Boost" button on the base of the device which activated a preset equalizer mode designed for use in the open air where there are fewer hard surfaces to reflect low frequency bass audio waves.

The Wonderboom 2 speaker can now also be paired with another similar speaker to produce real separated stereo playback using the new "Double Up" feature, similar to Amazon's Echo or some Sonos speakers, and it now sports a larger play/pause button and larger plus/minus volume adjuster for easier control, according to the report. The battery life has also been enhanced, with a promise of 13 hours of playback time compared to the previous version's ten hours.

In terms of aesthetics the only other major difference between the new and the old version is the speaker's bungee, which is now a two-tone flat ribbon rather than a single-colored cord.

The Wonderboom 2 is available from June 25 in red, blue, gray, and black, priced at $99.99.

Image: © Wonderboom.