Facebook Deals Hammer Blow to Huawei

Facebook Deals Hammer Blow to Huawei
New Huawei smartphones will not come with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram pre-installed.

(CCM) — Troubled Chinese phone-maker Huawei has suffered another devastating setback with the news that Facebook will no longer allow it to pre-install Facebook-owned apps on its handsets, according to a Reuters report.

Huawei is already reeling from the effects of a U.S. ban on purchases of software and hardware which has caused companies including Google and ARM to stop trading with the company, and this latest news will make it even harder for Huawei to keep its business afloat, the report says.

In addition to the eponymous social networking app itself, Facebook also owns WhatsApp and Instagram. Phone users who already own Huawei phones will still be able to use these three apps and install updates, but new handsets will no longer have them pre-installed and Huawei will lose out on any revenue that pre-installation may have earned it in the past.

Owners of new Huawei handsets could in theory download Facebook's apps manually from the Google Play store, but very shortly new phones will not be able to access the Play Store thanks to the U.S. ban preventing Google from making it available to Huawei.

Demand for Huawei phones has dropped in Europe and Asia because of the U.S. ban, and many analysts expect it to slip from its position as the third biggest handset vendor worldwide after Samsung and Apple.

Image: © Bloomua - Shutterstock.com