Bethesda's Orion Speeds Up Cloud Gaming

Bethesda's Orion Speeds Up Cloud Gaming
Orion allows gamers with slower internet connections to experience high-quality game streaming, Bethesda claims.

(CCM) — U.S.-based video game publisher Bethesda Softworks has released details of a new software technology which it claims will speed up game streaming dramatically, according to a report in The Verge.

The technology, called Orion, can be added to many different games provided by a variety of popular game streaming services, offering a higher-quality gaming experience to gamers who have low internet speeds, according to the report. Bethesda will commence beta testing Orion later this year.

"This can be put into any game engine, it can be used with any streaming platform to provide a better experience for any consumer playing that game on that platform and to deliver it at a lower cost for whoever's serving the data," James Altman, Bethesda's director of publishing, said in the report.

The technology works by allowing some of the processing tasks that are normally performed in the cloud and then transmitted over the internet to be carried out "locally" on the player's gaming device instead.

Bethesda claims that turning on just one of Orion's features can reduce the bandwidth required for high-quality game streaming by 40 per cent, and reduce the time taken to encode a video frame by 30 per cent. If true then a game streaming service like Google's Stadia, which recommends a minimum internet connection speed of 25 Mbps, could be used by people who only have a 15 Mbps connection speed in conjunction with Orion.

Keen game players can register to take part in the beta tests from today.

Image: © Bethesda Softworks.