Miller Offers Beer Can Game Controller

Miller Offers Beer Can Game Controller
The 'cantroller' features a Bluetooth game controller built in to a 12-ounce can of Miller Lite.

(CCM) — The company behind Miller Lite has developed a video console game controller built into a can of the beverage.

The controller, dubbed a "cantroller," will not be harmed by placing the 12-ounce beer can in a refrigerator, and can still be used after the can has been opened and the beer inside consumed, the company said in a blog post.

"With some 40 per cent of gamers already drinking beer while they play, we're taking it to the next level by offering them a fun way to enjoy Miller Lite while they play their favorite games," explained Justine Stauffer, a Miller Lite senior manager.

The cantroller features a flexible circuit board, connects to gaming consoles such as the Xbox One and computers via Bluetooth, and uses rechargeable batteries that hold enough charge for about three hours of gaming. For the optimal user experience the company recommends using the cantroller with the can unopened.

For the moment the cantrollers are not for sale, but video game enthusiasts were able to win one at a Miller Lite event held close to the E3 game expo in Los Angeles by playing and winning at Street Fighter.

But the company plans to make about 200 more cantrollers, although it has not yet announced how these will be made available to gamers.

Image: © MillerCoors.