China Accused of Telegram Cyber Attack

China Accused of Telegram Cyber Attack
The messaging service was subject to an hour-long DDoS attack earlier this week.

(CCM) — Telegram was brought to its knees for about an hour last week during a cyberattack on the popular encrypted messaging service, and founder Pavel Durov has pointed the finger at China, according to the BBC.

Durov tweeted that the source IP addresses of the attack were mostly Chinese, and the service outage came as protesters in Hong Kong used Telegram to coordinate demonstrations over a plan to allow extradition to China, the report says.

A man who is believed to be a Telegram group administrator has reportedly been arrested in Hong Kong for conspiracy to commit public nuisance, the BBC added.

Telegram users can create groups of up to 200,000 people to exchange messages, or channels which can broadcast to audiences of unlimited size. And due to the fact that they are encrypted, messages, documents, pictures, and videos sent on Telegram are very hard or impossible for security forces to intercept and view.

Other messaging services including WhatsApp also encrypt the traffic that goes over their networks.

But a distributed denial of service attack such as the one that Telegram was subjected to can prevent people from using the service by overwhelming it with a huge quantity of access requests, preventing legitimate users from accessing the service.

But the provenance of the attack is difficult to establish conclusively, because it is theoretically possible that hackers in another country may have compromised computers in China with malware and then commanded them to launch the attack against Telegram.

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