Huawei Foldable Phone Launch Postponed

Huawei Foldable Phone Launch Postponed
The company plans to carry out further tests to avoid a Samsung Fold-style debacle.

(CCM) — The future of phones with folding screens has been plunged into uncertainty following Huawei's announcement that it is postponing the launch of its Mate X smartphone to allow it to carry out more tests on its folding screen.

The move comes after some of Samsung's rival Galaxy Fold devices began to develop faults shortly after they were given to reviewers.

The Mate X was originally unveiled in February and was due to be launched some time this month, but a spokesperson for the Chinese phone maker said that the company had decided to be more cautious, according to a CNBC report. "We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation," the spokesperson said in the report.

They added that the official launch will now take place in September, allowing the company time to carry out more testing and to ensure that developers make their apps work properly when the device is unfolded.

The device is 5G-capable, and Huawei plans to sell it around the world in markets that are launching 5G networks. It will be priced at about $2,600.

The postponement of the Mate X comes shortly after the company was forced to scrap the planned launch of a new laptop because a U.S. blacklist prohibits U.S. and other firms from supplying hardware and software to Huawei.

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