Google Makes Building Games a Game

Google Makes Building Games a Game
Game Builder lets anyone build 3D games in as little as ten minutes.

(CCM) — Google hopes to unleash the creativity of gamers who have no coding skills with the launch of Game Builder, a free platform that lets anyone build 3D games without any knowledge of computer programming.

Game Builder promises novices that they can make a 3D platform game in just ten minutes, while providing experienced game designers with a "faster way to realize their ideas."

The platform is still an experimental prototype which is under development itself, but in its current iteration it allows users to employ a drag-and-drop, card based visual programming system. Anyone with JavaScript skills can also write their own cards to make more sophisticated games.

It includes thousands of 3D models to incorporate when creating characters, and Game Builder has also been designed to be collaborative, allowing friends to build and play their own games together.

The Game Builder platform has been developed by Area 120, Google's in-house incubator which encourages the Google tradition of allowing its employees to devote 20 per cent of their work time to personal projects which may have a value to the company.

It is available now on Steam for both PC and Mac users.

Image: © Google.