Apple Issues Subscription Warnings

Apple Issues Subscription Warnings
New measures in iOS 13 beta will help users avoid paying for things they no longer use.

(CCM) — iPhone users who uninstall apps may now receive a warning if they have an active subscription to any of them, preventing the users from inadvertently paying subscriptions for apps they no longer use, The Verge is reporting.

The warnings started appearing in the latest iOS 13 beta version that Apple has released and are likely to be a feature of the final version of iOS 13, which is due to be released in September.

When a user uninstalls an app to which they have a subscription, they will now see the message: "Do you want to keep the subscription for this app?" along with a link to the Apple ID subscriptions screen from where the user can unsubscribe.

The warning is part of Apple's ongoing efforts to clean up the App Store and prevent users from being confused in to paying for things that they do not want, or paying for things that they no longer use.

Earlier this year the company added a confirmation screen in iOS which appears before users subscribe to anything to prevent them from unwittingly agreeing to pay for a service that they do not want. It has also redesigned the Apple ID subscriptions page to let users see and manage their active subscriptions more easily.

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