Apple's Scraps Revolutionary Camera Plan

Apple's Scraps Revolutionary Camera Plan
This year's iPhone range will not offer quantum dot camera technology for vastly improved picture quality.

(CCM) — Apple has pulled the rug from under a project to produce a revolutionary camera for this year's iPhone range after cancelling a multi-million dollar contract with a U.K.-based technology company called Nanoco, The Daily Telegraph is reporting.

Nanoco specializes in "quantum dot" technology, which can be used to produce camera sensors which are of much higher-quality than the silicon-based ones used in today's smartphones. Some experts believe that the cameras in the current range of iPhones are inferior to many flagship Android handsets, but the use of quantum dot camera technology would have enabled Apple to leapfrog its rivals by offering vastly better photo quality, as well as impressive new augmented reality (AR) capabilities, according to the report.

The project is believed to have been abandoned on cost grounds, but without quantum dot technology it appears that the 2019 range of iPhones will offer very little in terms of new technology. Apple is believed to be working on laser-powered 3D scanners to improve its AR capabilities, but these will not be available until 2020 at the earliest, the report concludes.

Nanoco has confirmed that a "U.S. customer" had abandoned a project for which it was a supplier, the report added, and although the company did not name Apple specifically the newspaper understands that it is the customer to which Nanoco is referring.

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