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Twitter Gives List a Push

Twitter Gives List a Push
Some Twitter users can now swipe left to view their custom timelines, which Twitter believes are underused.

(CCM) — Twitter is testing out a bold initiative to promote its powerful list feature, which the company believes is little known and underused, according to a Techcrunch report.

Lists allow users to create custom timelines which only display the tweets of accounts they want to track, without having to follow those accounts. This can be useful for things that a user wants to track on a temporary basis or only at specific times. This could include tweets about a favorite sports team during a game, or tweets about a TV show when it is first aired.

Lists are currently mainly the preserve of Twitter power users, according to the report, and are buried deep within the Twitter UI. But Twitter is now trying to make them much more accessible. "One idea we had is for you to be able to swipe to your lists from home," the company said in a tweet.

Twitter users who are part of the test will now see dashed lines along the top of their home timeline. Swiping left allows them to move through all their lists in the same way that users can advance through Stories, the report says.

Twitter has not said how many people are part of the Lists test or when it might be turned into a feature which is publicly available.

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