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Apple Adds Cat and Dog Detection to iOS

Apple Adds Cat and Dog Detection to iOS
The new artificial intelligence capabilities will be built into the iPhone operating system for all apps to use.

(CCM) — iPhone owners around the world take millions of photographs of their pets, prompting Apple to build artificial intelligence into iOS that can identify dogs and cats in a picture, according to a CNBC report.

The new feature relies on software called VNAnimalDetector, which scans an image for animals and then draws a rectangle around any dog or cat it spots, similar to the way that Facebook draws a box around faces in photos so that they can be easily tagged.

Apple's native Photos app can already identify dogs and cats, but the new feature will be built into its iOS operating system so that it is available to any app developer to use in their apps. Although pet detection is not new, VNAnimalDetector lets developers add dog and cat spotting into their apps with as little as four lines of code, according to the report.

The software is part of Apple's Vision software framework, which provides image recognition tools to iOS developers. Other Vision framework features include the ability to identify whether two images are similar, additional facial recognition abilities, and the ability to identify other objects in a photograph, according to the report.

Image: © Apple.
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