Jony Ive Quits Apple in Disgust

Jony Ive Quits Apple in Disgust
A switch in emphasis from design to operations has led to dissatisfaction in Apple's ranks, a report claims.

(CCM) — Apple' star designer, Sir Jony Ive, announced his departure from the company last week after becoming "dispirited" because boss Tim Cook "showed little interest in the product development process," according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Sir Jony's iPhone, iPad, and iMac designs are largely responsible for Apple becoming the most valuable company in the world and the iPhone becoming the most profitable product in history, so his departure is a huge setback for the company.

The report added that the designer appears to have lost patience with Apple's directors, many of whom have backgrounds which are not related to Apple's business. He has reduced his leadership role in the company over the last few years, "straining the cohesion central to product development" at the company, according to the report, and prompting other key design team members to leave Apple.

To grow significantly over the next few years Apple will need to invent a completely new product, rather than update existing product lines. But in the absence of the late Steve Jobs and now Sir Jony, it is not clear who will be responsible for ensuring one comes to market.

But one silver lining for Apple is that Sir Jony has not cut his ties to the company completely. Instead Apple will pay his new creative company LoveFrom "millions of dollars a year" to access his design genius.

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