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Microsoft Customers Lose eBook Purchases

Microsoft Customers Lose eBook Purchases
Anyone who bought an ebook from Microsoft's online store will find that they can no longer access them.

(CCM) — Microsoft has upset many its customers who bought ebooks through its online store following a decision to pull out of the ebook market. Anyone who purchased ebook titles from the company will no longer be able access them.

Microsoft has decided to offer refunds to customers who paid for books that they can no longer read, as well as a $25 credit if they made highlights or notes in the ebooks, which will also be lost, according to a BBC report.

Microsoft warned customers in April that it would stop offering ebooks. The company has now admitted defeat and ceded the market to Amazon, which dominates the electronic bookselling business with its Kindle hardware and software.

The move hightlights the fact that when customers "buy" ebooks which are protected by digital rights management (DRM) software they are actually purchasing a license rather than the book itself.

"The fact is that you don't own e-books when you buy them with DRM from Amazon or anywhere else," Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said in the report.

This is the third time that Microsoft has tried and failed to enter the ebook market. Its first attempt, in 2000, and its second in 2014 — both in partnership with bookseller Barnes and Noble — ended in failure.

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