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Samsung Fixes Folding Phone

Samsung Fixes Folding Phone
The Galaxy Fold may now come to market some six months after it was original planned.

(CCM) — Samsung has redesigned and finally fixed its troubled Galaxy Fold and should be ready to launch it by the all-important holiday season, according to a Bloomberg report.

Samsung's first attempt at launching its folding phone ended in fiasco after multiple units failed while in the hands of reviewers, and the Apr. 26, 2019 launch date was abandoned.

Now that the redesign is complete, Samsung is in the final stages of producing a commercial version, the report says, although no official launch date has been set.

One problem that the original design encountered was that it developed screen problems after a film on the display, which many reviewers took to be a screen protector, was peeled off. The new design uses a protective film which wraps around the entire screen and flows into the bezels so that it is impossible to peel it off by hand, the report says.

The hinge has also been pushed upwards from the screen slightly to help stretch the film and prevent creases in the screen from appearing.

The Fold is the second embarrassing failure for Samsung after it was forced to abandon its Galaxy Note7 smartphone in 2016 because some units burst into flames.

Image: © JPstock - Shutterstock.com

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