Bad Data Cripples Facebook and WhatsApp

Bad Data Cripples Facebook and WhatsApp
Many Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram users were unable to view images on the services.

(CCM) — Facebook suffered from serious operational snafus yesterday, resulting in widespread problems displaying images on its Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram social media and communications services, Arstechnica is reporting.

The cause of the problems appears to have been bad timestamp data that was fed to the company's content delivery network (CDN) in some image tags, according to the report. In some cases a blurred thumbnail image was visible in timelines and chat threads, but tapping on the image resulted in an error message and users were unable to see the images either clearly or at all.

In apparently unrelated incidents, Twitter also suffered problems with its direct messaging service in the Eastern U.S. and Europe. Some users did not receive direct messages at all, or did not receive notifications that they had been received.

Global CDN Cloudflare also suffered an outage for half an hour, which had widespread knock-on effects, while Microsoft's Office365 cloud-based productivity suite suffered a multi-hour partial outage. Some users were unaffected while others were unable to connect to the service, or log in to the service once connected, or use Outlook without difficulties.

The problems all appear to have started on July 3, but are believed to have been resolved by the start of July 4.

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