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Apple Gives Up on MacBook Keyboard

Paul Rubens - July 5, 2019 - 03:30 AM
Apple Gives Up on MacBook Keyboard
Apple's butterfly MacBook keyboard design has proved so unreliable that the company has decided to ditch it.

(CCM) — Apple has finally decided to abandon its problem-prone "butterfly" keyboard which it has used in its MacBooks for the last four years, according to a Verge report.

The keyboard's butterfly switches have caused multiple problems for users, including keys not working or acting erratically as dust particles work their way into the key mechanism, according to the report. In response Apple has introduced an extended repair program for early versions of the keyboard.

Apple has tried to refine the design to improve the situation, but after apologizing for the keyboard's poor track record for reliability earlier this year it has now given up on it as a lost cause, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple now plans to adopt a keyboard with a scissor-switch design, with glass fiber incorporated to reinforce the keys. The new design is cheaper to manufacture, but the keyboards are not as thin as the butterfly keyboards, according to the report.

Kuo added that most users will not be able to spot the difference in thickness, but may enjoy an improved typing experience due to the longer key travel offered by the new design.

The first hardware to receive the new keyboard design will be a MacBook Air later this year, followed by a MacBook Pro in 2020.

Image: © instinia – RF123.com
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