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Cassette Tapes Go High Tech

Cassette Tapes Go High Tech
NINM Lab's IT'S OK cassette player adds Bluetooth 5.0 to a music format from the 1960s.

(CCM) — Forty years after the introduction of Sony's revolutionary Walkman portable cassette tape player and almost 60 years after the launch of the musicassette, NINM Lab is attempting to kick the format firmly into the twenty first century with the introduction of a Bluetooth 5.0 cassette player.

The IT's OK cassette player's Bluetooth capability means that users can stream music from the player directly to Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones and earbuds, Gizmodo is reporting. Alternatively, users can plug headphones into the 3.5mm jack for a completely authentic retro experience.

However a connection to the device is made, users will still have to fast forward or rewind to find the music they want, record songs in real time, and carry around bulky cassettes which can carry a maximum of about 90 minutes of music each.

The IT'S OK launched as a Kickstarter campaign on July 4, and the devices will be available in Sakura Pink, Cloud White, and Evening Blue. They are priced at $63 through Kickstarter, but the price will rise to closer to $90 once the device is launched.

Unlike the original Sony Walkman, the IT'S OK does not ship with headphones, so purchasers will have to budget for those as well as find a source of audio cassettes.

This is not NINM Lab's maiden Kickstarter product. The company's first was the Instant Magny 35: an accessory that turns 35-millimeter cameras into Polaroid-like instant cameras that can print out shots using Fujifilm Instax Square instant film, the report says.

Image: © NINM Lab.
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If this makes $ I'm totally out to lunch!

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