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Global Video Controls for Chrome

Global Video Controls for Chrome
Google may soon let Chrome users stop videos playing without first tracking down the tabs they are playing in.

(CCM) — Google Chrome users will soon be able to squash unwanted videos playing in background tabs using a new feature called "Global Media Controls," according to an Engadget report.

The new feature, which is available in the Canary development version of the browser, appears as a play icon located next to the URL display by the bookmark star, according to the report. Clicking on the icon brings up a larger control pop-up screen containing pause, play, skip forward, and skip back buttons.

These can be used to control all video playing in the browser without first having to track down the precise tab in which the offending content is playing. The controls are a welcome addition, the report notes, because Google recently removed a different feature of the browser which allowed users to click on a speaker icon on a tab to mute that tab.

The Global Media Controls as they appear in Canary cannot control all content, and the feature is still buggy and crash prone, according to the report. But if Google continues to develop the feature then these bugs will likely be removed before they are added to the mainstream version of Chrome at some point in the near future.

Image: © Alexey Malkin - 123RF.com
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