Apex Legends Sends EA Stock Plummeting

Apex Legends Sends EA Stock Plummeting
The second season of Apex Legends is not as great as some people were expecting.

(CCM) — The latest version of Electronic Arts' battle royale Apex Legends has failed to live up to video gamers' expections, sending the company's stock price down sharply, Yahoo! Finance is reporting.

Electronic Arts released Apex Legends earlier this year, in an apparent attempt to cash in on the runaway success of Epic Games' Fortnite battle royale game, and the second season release was expected to bring big improvements to the title's weapons and maps.

But the new season's reception has not been overly positive, despite early enthusiasm for the initial release. "A lot of people were expecting this season to kind of blow them out the water," Nick Licouris, an investment adviser covering video games at Gerber Kawasaki said in the Yahoo! Finance report. "I wasn’t too impressed," he added.

There have also been reports of a bug in one of the game's characters, but Electronic Arts denies that there are any major issue with the game itself. "A few players have reported issues with redeeming the Twitch Prime Wattson skin, which we're working on, but that's not a gameplay issue, and it's only a very small number of players," a company spokesman said in the report.

But the game publisher's shares dropped by over 5% on Friday, and it appears that investors are unconvinced that the game has what it takes to become a credible competitor to Fortnite.

Image: © Electronic Arts.