Hackers Can Access Apple Mac Cameras

Hackers Can Access Apple Mac Cameras
A flaw in Zoom video conferencing software affects millions of Apple computers.

(CCM) — Millions of Apple Macs are vulnerable to a video conferencing software bug which allows hackers to spy on users through their computers' cameras, according to a BBC report.

The vulnerability affects Apple Macs upon which Zoom video-conferencing software has been installed, although Zoom updated the software yesterday to make it harder to abuse, the report said.

Zoom installs a web server on every computer which it is installed on to manage connecting video conference participants together, and hackers can use a flaw in this software to connect to victims' cameras if they have not turned off video conferencing by default.

The flaw only affects computers running Apple's MacOS, because Windows computers manage connections in a different way, the report says. The update issued by Zoom changes the way that meetings are set up, and also turns off video conferencing by default.

Zoom said that it had "no indication" that any of the millions of people who use its software had ever fallen victim to the software flaw, and said that it would be "readily apparent" if anyone had access to the camera because the video application is designed to be the top window on a user's computer screen.

Image: © Oleg Dudko – 123RF.com