Mozilla Curates Firefox Extensions

Mozilla Curates Firefox Extensions
Users can now find a recommended list of add-ons which have been vetted for security issues in their browsers.

(CCM) — Mozilla has made it far easier for users to find good add-ons for its Firefox web browser, Engadget is reporting.

In the latest version of Firefox for desktop machines, users can find a short list of recommended add-ons which have been selected by Mozilla for their usability and usefulness, and vetted for security vulnerabilities. The list appears in Firefox's Add-ons Manager screen, and may consist of half a dozen or fewer suggestions. This may be welcome to many users who feel overwhelmed by the large number of add-ons which are available, many of which are of variable quality.

Another change to the browser sees the extension of its dark mode to cover more of the Firefox window. Previously dark mode only affected the text area of the window, but now all sections of the page including the sidebars and toolbar have a black background, according to the report.

At the same time as the new desktop version, Mozilla has released a new version of Firefix for iOS. This now includes a Recently Bookmarked section, along with the ability to reorder and rename individual bookmarks and even change their URLs, the report says.

One more new feature lets users specify sites that should always be opened in desktop mode, providing a small badge for visual confirmation that the browser is in desktop mode when viewing these sites.

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