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Google's Waze Now Shows Toll Prices

Paul Rubens - July 16, 2019 - 08:40 AM
Google's Waze Now Shows Toll Prices
Google Waze navigation app users can now find out what toll fees they will have to pay before departing.

(CCM) — Drivers who have been stung by higher toll charges than they were expecting during a journey can now use Waze to see the cost of their trip in advance, according to a Crunchbase report.

The Google-owned navigation app, in common with Google Maps and may other navigation apps, provides a warning when a route involves toll charges and gives users the option to select other routes which avoid them.

But Waze now goes a step further by gathering data to provide the precise amount of each toll charge. It provides the toll prices up front before a user hits the road, so the user can ensure they have sufficient funds, or consider taking on extra passengers to cover the toll fees using a ride-sharing app such as Waze Carpool, or simply choose to drive a different route altogether.

The toll data is sourced from other members of the Waze community rather than directly from toll road operators, but Waze's crowd-sourced information is often more accurate and up to date than official sources, according to the report.

The toll information feature will begin rolling out today and covers toll routes in the U.S. and Canada.

Image: © Google.
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