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Instagram Offers Account Deletion Alerts

Paul Rubens - July 19, 2019 - 06:17 AM
Instagram Offers Account Deletion Alerts
Users will now be warned when their account is about to be disabled and can appeal the decision from the app.

(CCM) — Instagram users no longer need fear waking up to find that their account has been disabled due to some perceived infraction of the rules of the photo sharing site. This is thanks to a change in moderation policy announced by the company yesterday.

Instagram will now warn users via a notification if their account is at risk of being disabled, perhaps because the company's automated systems believe that photos that have been posted are of a sexual nature.

Users will be able to appeal against decisions that are based around Instagram's nudity and pornography , bullying and harassment, hate speech, drug sales, and counter-terrorism policies from within the app, the company says, and this will be expanded in the coming months to include other types of appeals.

"If content is found to be removed in error, we will restore the post and remove the violation from the account’s record."

Instagram currently disables an account if it exceeds a certain threshold percentage of content that violates its policies, but in addition to this the company will now disable accounts if there are a certain number of policy violations within a specific timeframe. This change brings Instagram's policy enforcement more in line with parent company Facebook's, the announcement points out.

Image: © Tul Chalothonrangsee – 123RF.com
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