Uber Users Charged Thousands for Rides

Uber Users Charged Thousands for Rides
A software bug resulted in some Uber riders being charged 100 times too much for their trips.

(CCM) — A software bug in Uber's payment system has resulted in some passengers being charged huge fares that were 100 times higher than they should have been, according to a BBC report.

Uber users in San Diego and Washington were affected by the bug, the report says. One rider was charged $9,672 for a $96.72 trip, while another was charged $1,905 for a short journey which was supposed to cost $19.05, according to the report. Some Uber users found that their cards hit their credit limits or triggered fraud alerts.

A number of the affected riders took to Twitter to voice their concerns after complaining that there was no easy way to contact Uber to report the problem.

Uber has now reportedly fixed the bug, and said that the incorrectly charged fares would be amended and riders refunded without having to contact their banks. However the company declined to tell the BBC how many passengers had been charged inflated fares due to the problem.

Users who linked a debit card to their Uber account will have to wait for money taken from their account to be returned, while those who linked a credit card may find they are unable to use their card as it has reached its credit limit until the incorrect fare has been corrected.

Image: © eskay - Shutterstock.com