Samsung Launches Superfast Mobile Memory

Samsung Launches Superfast Mobile Memory
The new LPDDR5 mobile memory chips have been optimized for 5G and AI on smartphones.

(CCM) — Samsung has started mass producing blisteringly fast new memory chips which have been "optimized for enabling 5G and AI features in future smartphones," the company has announced.

The 10nm LPDDR5 (Lower Power Double Data Rate) chips offer a data rate of 5,500 megabytes per second (MBps), which is about 1.3 times faster than existing LPDDR4X memory found in current flagship smartphones.

Samsung plans to make the 12 gigabit (Gb) chips into 12 GB packages using eight chips in each package, and these will be able to transfer 44 GB of data, or about 12 full-HD movies, in one second. 16 GB packages will be available further out into the future, the company said.

Importantly for the mobile phone market, the new chips also use up to 30 per cent less power than LPDDR4X chips thanks to a new circuit design with enhanced clocking, training, and low-power features. This should enhance battery life and help to ensure stable performance, according to Samsung.

LPDDR5 is not supported by Qualcomm's 855 and 855+ processors which are expected to power the forthcoming Galaxy Note10, so consumers may have to wait until next year and the release of the Galaxy S11 before they can take advantage of the new high speed memory chips.

Image: © Samsung.