Twitter to Explain Missing Tweets

Twitter to Explain Missing Tweets
Users will soon get an explanation when they encounter a 'this tweet is unavailale' message.

(CCM) — Twitter plans to clear up mysteries surrounding the messages stating: "this tweet is unavailable" that many users encounter from time to time, according to a Tech Times report.

The grayed out tweets appear to many users to have been deleted, and the reason that they are "unavailable" is currently not given. But the company has confirmed that it plans to introduce an explanation when tweets cannot be viewed by a user, rather than simply saying that they are unavailable, according to the report.

In many cases the tweets in question have not been deleted by the original author. Other reasons for a tweet being unavailable to a user include that it contains a keyword that the user has muted, or that the tweet is protected.

The additional information about unavailable tweets will be an evolution of Twitter's notices that it currently uses, such as when it labels a tweet which has been removed for violating the social network's rules, the report adds. It will start to be visible to Twitter users within the next few weeks.

Twitter is also testing the use of profile picture icons alongside replies in threads. A microphone symbol next to the profile will indicate that the original author is replying to their own tweet, while users tagged in the original tweet are labeled with an "@" Symbol.

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