Apple Releases Slew of Software Updates

Apple Releases Slew of Software Updates
Apple Watch users can now use the Walkie Talkie app without the need to fear evesdroppers.

(CCM) — Apple Watch owners can use the Walkie Talkie app on their devices once again following an update to watchOS which is being rolled out around the world.

The Walkie Talkie app was disabled by Apple following the discovery that it contained a major vulnerability that could have enabled a hacker to listen in on another person's conversations without them knowing. But watchOS 5.3, the latest release, fixes the bug and Apple is now confident enough in its security to re-enable the Walkie Talkie functionality.

The new software also expands support for the Watch's EKG functionality and irregular heartbeat detection to Canada and Singapore, according to a report in The Verge.

Apple has also released what may be the final update to iOS 12, before the general release of iOS 13 sometime in the fall. iOS 12.4 introduces an "iPhone migration" feature which allows users to transfer their data from an older iPhone to a new iPhone wirelessly directly, rather than via iCloud, during its setup.

The new migration system enables users to transfer passwords as well as app data, device settings, and photos. Previously this was not permitted via iCloud for security reasons, meaning users had to migrate their data via an encrypted backup on a computer if they wanted to include their passwords.

Apple has also released new software for the HomePod smart speaker, which competes with Apple's Echo and Google's Home devices. Following the upgrade, the HomePod will now work in Japan and Taiwan.

Image: © Apple.