Pandora Launches Voice Mode

Pandora Launches Voice Mode
Users of the voice streaming service can now control it with voice commands in a conversational way.

(CCM) — Music streaming service Pandora's new "Voice Mode" is designed to be a personal music assistant which can create playlists based on voice commands and individuals' specific tastes.

The new feature, which is rolling out today, builds up an understanding of what types of music a user does and does not like, and combines this with data about each song in its music catalog, the company has announced on its blog.

"Voice Mode" is available to Pandora users on iOS and Android, and works with the free version of the service as well as with the three paid subscription offerings. It can be activated by tapping the microphone icon in the search bar, and then used by saying the wake phrase "Hey, Pandora," followed by a voice command.

A subscriber can say something like "Hey, Pandora: play something for my workout," and receive a playlist of high energy songs which will be different to the playlist another subscriber would receive. The company will continue to refine the system so that eventually it will be possible to respond to relatively complex voice requests such as "Hey Pandora, play alternative music with female vocals."

"Voice Mode" can also be used to control music playback by asking for a specific song or album, adding songs to a playlist, and rating tracks.

Pandora, which was bought by SiriusXM in 2018, is a relatively small player in the music streaming market with just six million paying subscribers. By contrast Apple Music has about 60 million, and Spotify over 100 million.

Image: © Pandora.