Oppo Unveils Waterfall Screen

Oppo Unveils Waterfall Screen
The company should be the first to market with a smartphone screen which hangs down over the side of the device.

(CCM) — Chinese smartphone-maker Oppo has begun showing off a prototype device with a "waterfall" screen which allows images to flow over the edges of the display and onto the side of the handset, according to an Engadget report.

This is achievable thanks to an 88 degree fold at the edges of the display, allowing it to hang down over each side of the device. When viewed directly from above, that makes the bezels on the left and right of the display almost invisible, according to the report.

Oppo has provided no further information about the device equipped with the "waterfall" display, such as screen resolution, launch date, price, or indication of how easy it is for this type of screen to be damaged due to side impacts.

An image of a similarly folded screen leaked in Weibo appears to suggest that Vivo, Oppo's sister company, is also working on a "waterfall" screen, possibly for its flagship NEX 3 handset.

Oppo is also working on a folding screen for a foldable handset, although it is unlikely to beat Samsung to this market. Earlier this year Samsung was forced to delay the launch of its Galaxy Fold device due to problems with the folding screen, but the company has now rescheduled the launch for September 2019.

Image: © Oppo.