Chrome Incognito Mode Now Undetectable

Chrome Incognito Mode Now Undetectable
Websites will be powerless to stop users enabling Chrome 76's Incognito Mode to bypass some content walls.

(CCM) — Websites can no longer detect when a web user is using Incognito Mode in Chrome 76, the latest version of Google's browser which was released today.

This means that web sites which restrict visitors to viewing a limited number of pages before they have to pay for access will no longer be able to keep track of visits if the user enables Incognito mode, according to a Techspot report.

Previously web sites were able to check if the private browsing mode had been activated by checking for the presence of Chrome's FileSystem API, because an error message indicated that the API had been disabled (and therefore that Incognito Mode was enabled). But in Chrome 76 the error message is no longer sent out.

Chrome 76 also disables Adobe's Flash plugin by default, due to the many security risks that Flash presents. Users can activate the plugin in Chrome 76's settings, but Adobe plans to stop updating and distributing Flash next year.

The new browser version also makes it easier to install Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the desktop thanks to a new install button which is displayed in the address bar providing the site meets PWA criteria, according to the report.

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