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August 31, 2008

system automatically reboot when startup

Hello, my name is ashok kumar, in my system have installed windows xp, and also when that time update my antivirus software then that time my system will reboot automatically when startup. in this problem occured in spyware anti virus and f-securfe anti virus also. iam not try to another anti virus s/w's. so could you please to rep... Read more

I can't watch video clips [Solved/Closed]

Hello, my computer can't display video clips as in youTube and many other websites ! and I lately did many changed so that I don't know in which the problem firstly, I installed the cursed antivirus Norton 360 then it blocked all the vedio clips then it asked me to update my window Xp but some files failed to be updated SO, I r... Read more

mouse problem

Hello, I am Ashley and I have a big problem with my mouse. I am using Windows XP with an optical mouse and from time to time it automatically goes to the lower right-hand corner of my screen and freezes. Is there a problem with the hardware itself or with my computer? Read more