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Taskbar & Desktop not loading. Explorer automatically loads [Solved]

So basically this time when I turned on my PC it had this typical error of disappearing taskbars & desktop icons but explorer automatically loads on its own. I tried to refresh it by ending explorer and running something else with new task but Taskbar and Desktop doesnt load. Tried restarting the PC too. Please help Read more

pc restart when i open a folder contain photo sets

My pc restart when i open a folder contain photo sets. when viewing one by one or scrolling the windows inside the folder of photos, PC restart immediately without any information and log in without any scandisk process. So i think any viruse are there. Any one pls help me .


I got a virus from usb, mobile or software. Now my pc infected i could not able to open browser and any antimaleware which i have on pc i knew littale about this virus 1. I find ms dos shortcut on f: which name perhaps bayexa ms dos i cant remove it. I find a empty folder of 474kb in my all folder for example folder name... Read more

worm/generic_r.JV [Solved]

Good day and hope everyone is doing GooD. A virus called worm/generic_r.JV has found a way through on my external drive and onto my PC I have. Been trying to get it off of one so I can fix the other bbut to get rid of it on either seems like a bigger challenge than I thought. The virus changes my folders to an application when scan... Read more


Hello, hi my laptop has a virus and its not allowing me to do anything ,there's no sound and the sound mixer also not visible. DVD is not loading at all and I cannot even connect my dongle ,please help , I tried the f8 restore but nothing changed Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0 Read more


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 38.0.2125.111 iam unable to open my facebook!!it says that some malware is detected.they have said download f secure!!I downloaded it but it doesn"t run!!plzz solve my problem!!

ACER V5-123 ran out of the anti-virus protection

i have a problem with my acer v5-123. i ran out of the anti-virus protection then downloaded some files.. i really do not know if it has viruses already but i guess it does. now whenever i turn my notebook on it does start to the screen where i unlocked it using my password nut it just stop there and nothing happens anymore!! I ca't go to... Read more

An unexpected advert link.

Good-day Sir/Ma, recently my Firefox browser was having problem and I uninstall it and I download and install another one, and I started using it to browse, and in my browsing I was experiencing what I was not experience before, I started seeing some popup link advert on my computer, I don't know the language I can use for it but hope som... Read more

window scripts host error

Hi When I start to run PC, I see first to This problem ( Loading script "C/Windows/:Microsoft Office Update for windows XP.sys" Failed ( The Filename,directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.). ) I don't know how I do . when you know to about this problem please help me . Thanks to all Read more

The most weird malfunction ever please help

What is happening. First, I couldn't open anything at all. Then I shut down my computer, press F8 to system restore but it didn't work. And now I'm at the screen where I'm supposed to sign in with my password but all of the font has changed (it looks like a random symbols font.) and my password doesn't work... is my computer impossible to... Read more

can't allow programs

hello my computer won't let me to allow any programs ,for example ;when i try to download an antivirus ,as i click on RUN my computer ask me, if i would like to allow programs to make change to my computer ,,then i have to click on YES or NO,,but nothing happen when i click on YES..thank's for help... Read more

Facebook is not opening

I am a regular user of Opera and Mozilla firefox. For the past few days, facebook, hotmail, avast.com and wikipedia have not been opening on my computer. Other sites are opening normally. I think that it is a virus, because when I scanned with Digital Defender (demo version), these pages suddenly started opening, but a few hours later the... Read more

Pictures of Your home town or city

Greetings averyone, En.Kioskea has members all over this planet. It would be interesting to see what your hometown or city looks like. Here is the city of one of our members situated in Shawinigan, Québec. (Canada) Your home town or home city will be posted on Kioskea's Facebook page. Please give the exact location and c... Read more


I have a recently developed a problem that affects my video viewing. I am using WINDOWS 7. Most of my issues occur while I am using FB. I get a popup screen that says that I must install an updated version of adobe flash player before I can view the video. This doesn't work and then another screen pops up and takes over my computer and... Read more