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worm/generic_r.JV [Solved]

Good day and hope everyone is doing GooD. A virus called worm/generic_r.JV has found a way through on my external drive and onto my PC I have. Been trying to get it off of one so I can fix the other bbut to get rid of it on either seems like a bigger challenge than I thought. The virus changes my folders to an application when scan... Read more

PC virus C:\... exe cannot be run in Win32 mode [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Anticipated thanks for your aid. I appreciate it greatly. The following in a lengthy description of all the steps I have gone through in an attempt to rescue my PC (Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack1 x64 Dell Inc Inspiron One) . Yesterday I had noticed that an automated scan from my antivirus (COMODO) had started, but the... Read more

Restoring Gateway laptop back to factory settings [Closed]

I got a virus on my laptop so I'm trying to restore it back to factory settings using F10, however it gets hung up every time it tries to install Outlook 10. I didn't receive a back up disc with my laptop so I have no other way to restore it. Is there any way around this?

master password [Closed]

Hello, Please give me na master password Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 34.0.1847.114

can't get confirmation code.....

Hello, i can't get confirmation code on my gmail account Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

netbook has been very slow again, possible virus?

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 33.0.1750.154 Hi. Again, for some unfortunate reasons my netbook is working very slow for the hundredth time. When I open my browser (chrome) it is like taking forever to load the page. Skype also cannot survive for longer conversations and even youtube, screen will freeze and a squ... Read more

Shortcut making virus, after formating? [Solved]

So i picked up a virus in my pendrive which turned all my files and folders into shortcuts. So I went online and referred to a few posts. I went to the hidden folders and copied all the contents (which werent hidden) to anorther folder on my computer and format my pendrive. It still has this VNScript File named vgzzizniyh. (which wont... Read more

Pen Drive shows too lesser space

My 32 Gb Pen Drive showing only 68 Mb space since last one year. Today I use "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool" on it then it started showing 125 Mb. It's good at have been increase a little bit But It's original functional capacity was 32 Gb earlier ! Out of 32 Gb only 125 Mb space available, It's looking funny in it self. ... Read more

my pc is affected by "cool.vbs" virus..how can i remove it

recently my pc was affected by "cool.vbs" virus.simply its known as shortcut virus. i am using norton antivirus but it can not detect this. whenever i connect pen drive to it, this virus automatically hide all of data and create a shortcut form of data name. i talked microsoft and norton antivirus company for that issue but they can not h... Read more