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O.S. on pendrive won't "boot" [Solved]

I put a Linux O.S. on a pendrive as full install. It's on the second partition of said pendrive. The boot flag is marked and it's a "primary, active" partition. The first partition is also "primary, active". First partition is not marked "boot".(good reason...there's no O.S. there). However, it won't boot up the Linux O.S. I'm at a loss a... Read more

Pendrives slow writing speed

Evening: I have a very strange flashdrive problem occurring. Just over a week ago, I noticed the 'write" speed on a Kingston DT101 16Gb 2.0 pendrive was less than half what it normally was. I went to the "net" and a few forums and after many attempts at repairing the drive, we concluded it was dying. I was resigned to that until yes... Read more

Remove write protection [Solved]

Hey: I have a Lexar 16Gb pendrive that, somehow, got "write protected". I've tried the methods available on Win7 from command (cmd)line and "properties". Those methods have failed to remove the "write protection". What would you do to remove this "feature". Oh, the drive is formatted to FAT32. BTW, any suggestions on how the drive ... Read more

USB Drive

Hello, my USB has an data but its not shown when i insert in computer it shows empty please help me its my whole life important data Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 48.0.2564.116

How To Install Chrome on Samsung Galaxy 1 [Solved]

Hello, I have a SG1 with Froyo 2.2. I want but can't seem to get CHROME browser to install on this phone. I'm prestty sure I have to use an earlier version of the browser, and have tried, but no matter what it won't install. Does anyone know what I need to do to accomplish installing CHROME browser to a SG1? THANX: RICK Read more

Toshiba HDD password [Closed]

Evening All: I'm helping a friend TRY to get his TOSHIBA PORTEGE R100 up and running. First, and foremost, I need to know how to erase/override/bypass or otherwise eradicate the password on the HDD. This CAN be done, I just am not aware of the best method to do so. I NEED to be able to "wipe" the entire drive before I install anoth... Read more

lastest distro that this phone will accect/handle [Solved]

Hello, I've rooted this phone (shw-m110s) and now need to know what is the lastest distro that this phone will accect/handle? (i.e... ICS, jellybean, kitkat etc..) I need at least a 4.0 O.S. to run 'Chrome". So, when/if you reply, please make sure the distro's you mention have at least a 4.0 designation. Oh, just F.Y.I., I used z4ro... Read more

Best "hardware" diagnostic downloads [Solved/Closed]

Evening: I would like feedback on the best/most comprehensive downloadable software to thoroughly check/test the MoBo, CPU, VGA card and other hardware components in a laptop. One other inquiry: (I didn't know which category to list this in) I have a 4.3 GB DVD that I'd like to put at least 2 O.S's on and be able to independently ac... Read more