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How to solve driver issue for Sandisk Cruser Blade Pendrive 16gb

I tried to format using command promt since my Pendrive showing write procted: After that try, 1.My USB Device not Showing in My Computer 2.In Disk Management, I can see the drive as Sandisk Cruser Blade but when I right click on it all the options were disabled, except Properties and Help. 3.I also tried for Uninstalling the Unk... Read more

Another Folder Lock 7 running Windows 7 question

Hi All, I am definitely not experienced in computers. I typically only do research and typing. Although I realize this question has been answered, I don't understand the "how-tos" (lay-man terms) recover the Folder Lock password. I simply wish to delete the darn thing. Can anyone give me a 'guided' hand? Thanks in advance for any hel... Read more

Arrow Keys , Enter key and backspace key stops working

hi all, on my hp g-62 enter key , backspace, space bar and up and down arrow keys do not work. I am using windows 8. I have applied , 1- Turn off sticky keys. 2- remove battery and press power button for 10 seconds and then restart. 3- set bios setting to default. All tricks mentioned above gives no positive result. Read more

forget folder lock password

i have to forget folder lock password ... so plzzzzz inform me that how i can uninstall or open the lock,,, waiting of your kind reply....

folder lock is not get open

i installed folder lock in the folder at E:/harsh/folderlock after i lock the folder harsh. now my folder lock is not get open. nd my all dta is in it. i want back my data. pls help me how i get my data back. my trial pack is finished.

Computer keeps restarting and freezing on boot up

I have recently tried to sort my computer out by reading fourms and watching youtube videos and yesterday I got the blue screen of death, so I reset my computer and now it freezes when i try to go on system repair from the Comand prompt and it freezes on the BIOS too, It also restarts itself when booting up. Can somebody help please.

Share/Thread iPhone wifi internet to the PC [Solved]

I have a PC which does not have a wifi adapter I wish to share my internet with my iPhone(connected to a wifi) I don,t intend to use 3G/4G etc iphone does not allow personal hotspot on wifi so is there any alternatives or any app available that could help me out. Read more