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January 8, 2008

XBox 360 vs. PS3 [Solved/Closed]

Hi! I really need some help guys... I am going to buy a new system very soon and I need to know if there are any big advantages or disadvantage over one system compared to the other. I was first thinking to get to PS3 - which seems to be the most powerfull system - but the XBox 360 looks more reasonable in terms of price and Halo...

Windows cannot find scvhost.exe [Solved/Closed]

Hi! I scanned my computer with AVG Antispyware free edition. One of the results that came up as "High" alert was scvhost.exe. I deleted that with all the other results it came up with. Since then, whenever I reboot my pc it comes up with this message: "Windows cannot find scvhost.exe", etc. Any idea on the subject? Thanx.