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Facebook can't load [Solved]

Hello, I'm having problem with Facebook. News feeds, notifications, messages, photos, comments, etc. are not loading. And most of the links and buttons are not working. I can't report a problem, because when I click on "Report a Problem", nothing happens. It doesn't work at all. It has been like this for 3 days and it's so annoyin... Read more

Create a new skype account [Solved]

Hello, I have lost the Skype account I had created 2013. I want to create a new account with another pseudo. Could you help me please ? Thank you. Nicole de Beaulieu System Configuration: System Configuration: Linux / Firefox 44.0

Recovering my old Gmail account? [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Good day. I am new to this site. So please forgive my ignorance...it will improve. I've been unable to use technology for 2years. But, last time I was gone my friend brought both of my email accounts right back up. I can't seem to do it. I gave this certain gmail address to everyone I met. It is so important. I would be so gratef... Read more

Yahoo mail phone number changed

Hello Please I can't access my Yahoo account coz I changed alternative phone number...don't have the registered phone numbers in use anymore...please,how can I check my mails coz I have used this Yahoo email to followup some very important messages...now I'm stuck,dunno what to do.please help

Recover old gmail account

Hello, I need help recovering an old gmail address to my new phone number but can’t seem to it will only send codes to phone numbers I don’t have anymore rendering verification codes use less. Help ! System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 604.1

Forgot password

Hello, Good evening sir, is it possible to recover an email without phone number and previous mail? I do have very important cases which is being saved from the previous mail. The number which i've used before was been already deactivated and the mail as well i already forgot the previous password. Please please help me. System Con... Read more

Facebook account disabled

Hello, My facebook account is disabled by mistake I m faizan Ali Ali this is my personal account so I requested to you that reopen my account again thanks System Configuration: Android / Chrome 68.0.3440.91