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Want PlayStore on my Samsung z2 [Solved]

Hello, I want playstore on my Samsung z2. Im an Tizen is it cane work?

Facebook can't load [Solved]

Hello, I'm having problem with Facebook. News feeds, notifications, messages, photos, comments, etc. are not loading. And most of the links and buttons are not working. I can't report a problem, because when I click on "Report a Problem", nothing happens. It doesn't work at all. It has been like this for 3 days and it's so annoyin... Read more

Download WhatsApp

Hello, Why can't I download whatsapp messenger on Nokia x Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 30.0.1599.82

whatsapp install in samsung GT-S5222 [Solved]

Hello, How to install whatsapp in Java phone I download the jar/Jad file and copy both files in one folder of phone but error shown too large size and illegale argument. please suggest the options. Amit

Recovering my old Gmail account? [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Good day. I am new to this site. So please forgive my ignorance...it will improve. I've been unable to use technology for 2years. But, last time I was gone my friend brought both of my email accounts right back up. I can't seem to do it. I gave this certain gmail address to everyone I met. It is so important. I would be so gratef... Read more

Download and install Candy Crush Saga [Solved/Closed]

i would like to get candy crush saga downloaded and installed soon

how to update mobile os online [Solved]

Hello, I want to update my Samsung OS. I have Samsung Ace GTS5830i. I wanna update it is it possible and how to do update.

New gmail account creation [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Sir can I create a new gmail account I am searching for 2 hours, there is no option for creating a new account. Please help me for the account.

Yahoo email do not recognize my e mail [Closed]

When I try to log in i put my user name and this is the message i receive : Sorry, we don't recognize that email address or phone number and next to it where my information is located I get this with a red letters: This mailbox is not syncing with Yahoo and needs permission to resume how can I solve this problem? Read more

Whatsapp on a normal java MID2.0 phone?

Can whatsapp be downloaded on a normal java MID2.0 phone? what configuration do I need to set up for it?


I forgot the security code of my nokia 111 phone and I don't have an idea of retriving it. How can I solve this problem without losing my data?

WhatsApp 4 java mobiles Samsung s5222 [Solved]

Hi, I need WhatsApp supports for java mobiles. Is WhatsApp available for my Samsung s522? Please keep in mind that OS is java.

How to dowload WhatsApp for Z4

Hello, can help download watsApp for samsung z4 System Configuration: Tizen / SamsungBrowser 2.0