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November 26, 2017

Black screen problem?

Hello, So recently I have had a problem that's driving me nuts. So I've recently bought a brand new Samsung 850 evo ssd. Installed windows on it and then it restarted itself, but after 5 minutes of me being on Windows and starting to install drivers etc the screen went black but the pc stayed on until it eventually turns off and reboo... Read more

Forget password

Hi i need help ..i lost my password ..and i forget it ..many time i try to back my account but its not working .. Please help me how can i back my google account and i know my backup phone number and i know backup Email ..... System Configuration: Android / Chrome 61.0.3163.98 Read more

Connected to wifi but can't browse

Hello! My laptop is ACER Aspire E14 and it is windows ten and recently I don't what happened. I'm connected to the wireless internet connection, I can use and play music on Spotify but I can't access on my browser, google chrome and microsoft edge, it always show that I have no internet connection. I've use the other things that were ... Read more

WIFI connection not showing [Solved]

Hello, I have an ACER Aspire V13 with Windows 10 OS. My problem is, I was having problem before with the wifi connection. It keeps on getting disconnected from the wifi router, so I did a reformat/reset. Now after reformatting, it connected automatically to the wifi router but nothing shows on the available wifi connections. Even the... Read more

Torrents download slowly on my Macbook

i have macbook , recently i have downloaded a torrent file completed till 95% and stops there , daily when i login it starts download goes to high speed to 500kbs and soon drops to low speed and then to zero. other torrent files are downloading well. Please help