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sims 2 dubble delux!! PLease Help KLIK

Hello, i bought the sims 2 double delux so i try to instal it but it keeps saying put disc 1 in so i look and there is only 1 disc so i try again and again but its not the pc cause about 2 jears ago i insatalled it and it worked but after a while i uninstalled it and now it doesnt work! why? Read more

sims 2 apartment life

Hello, i just wanted to know if sims messes up youtrcomputer becuz i want to get one sooo bad and i dont want my computer messed up so plz answer.

please reply

Hello, does anyone know why my connection goes to the worse connection when on online game modes such as call of duty world at war. the connection hits its worst at the same time everyday and i cant seen to figure out why, which is why im asking you guys. thankyou- much appreciated

Screen doesn't display [Solved/Closed]

Hello, i got the problem in my HP pavilion dv2000 laptop that screen doesn't response any thing ie blank though I do turn off/on................ any idea for me please that will be really appreciated........ pahal londonSystem Configuration: Windows Vista Firefox 3.0.5 Read more

Black screen [Solved]

Ok, this morning i started my computer like normal (i just pressed the power button and nothing else) and came back an hour later to log in. The monitor was black and the computer was on. This is where im stuck... Ive tried shaking the mouse, pressing ctr+alt+delete, pressing the windows button, restarting the computer, starting the compu... Read more