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Where can I learn pidgin English ? [Solved]

I am highly interested in learning pidgin english / broken english to learn more about my man's culture and to take part in it since he is so far away from home but some sites are not incomplete. Are there any platforms that enable us to learn pidgin english as beginners and then slowly advancing or is there any platforms that allow us to...

Scroll bar for single cell [Closed]

Is it possible to add a scroll bar on a single cell which contains too much text ?

Copy rows to rows on another worksheet if " ✔ " [Solved]

Hi everyone, Ultimate greenhorn here. I have just recently discovered the " Conditional Formatting " as well as VBA function on excel a week ago and am having troubles. I tried several codes that was provided on some forums but it doesn't seem to work. Situation : I have 2 sheets " K1 " and " Completed " I would like to duplicate...