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Aironet 1242ag station role : non root bridge

Hello Good morning , I have a Access point model 1242AG , it's configured in station role to be a root bridge, the issue is when I try to change the station role to no-root bridge with wireless clients , it gives me a message "ERROR :'set infrastructure SSID ' must be configued in order to der the 'ROLE in Radio Netw... Read more

AIR-OEAP602I-E-K9 office extend router problem

Hello, My company provided me an AIR-OEAP602I-E-K9 office extend, when I connect it to a ADSL router (friend of mine), ALL is good, I see my company Wireless network at home and I can connect. When I plug it on my TP-LINK MR200 4G LTE router at home, it does not work, I can't see my company Wireless network at home. ... Read more