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September 27, 1978
"They laugh at me because I'm different; I laugh at them because they're all the same"  K. Cobain

4th of July 2017

Happy Independence Day America!


Hi, How do i get started now that i am through with registration and my account has been validated?


Have a very nice day to all users of

Can't remember my Gmail or Google passwords

I bought a new phone my old one was out of min so I went to transfer my things and I can't remember my gmail or google passwords

facebbok account

Iwant to start my facefacebook account

Raving Rabbids vs. Minions

Hi all, Today, I'm coming to you with a question of life or death!! Well...not really..but it is important for the future of the humanity. You known the Raving Rabbid? (If not, I must ask you how it is possible!?) First discovered with Rayman, a video game hero created by Ubisoft, they are now walking on their way, having their own ... Read more

Just For Fun ;) [Solved]

Hey guys, Does Someone wanna join me ? ;) Read more

about attitude

hi there, i have a very simple question to all of you can a person change his or her nature?

Where are downloaded files?

i just tried to download audio driver for my computer , but KIOSKEA was showing me like the driver had finished downloading but i tried to look for the download every where all in vain what could have happened to my download. please help.