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How to recover my Gmail password [Solved]

Hi, I forgot my Gmail password. How do I recover my old Gmail password?

Facebook account disabled [Solved]

Hello, Your security system has mistakenly removed my account without any reason. I can prove it. I am sending my ID card details to verify that I am the real person and not using anyone's identity. I think this information is enough for opening my account. Now please open it as soon as possible.Thanks for your help. Read more

How to download

Hi, I could not download any thing using the browser, play store, and others. So how can I do that?

Unable to recover my Facebook account with the code

Hello, I'm trying to reset my Facebook password because I can no longer access my email and phone number. To open my account again they sent a reset code to the new email I provided, but it doesn't work. When I'm trying to create new password, unknown error always pop up on the screen. What should I do? Read more

Facebook account locked [Solved/Closed]

Hello, My old Facebook account is locked and I can't open it. I no longer have the same phone number.

Can you recover a Yahoo account without your phone and email [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Can I recover my Yahoo account if I lost my phone number and I don't have other email for recover add in the account?

Gmail password reset with SMS [Solved]

Hello, Please help me recover my Gmail account password through sms to my phone number. Regards, Vusi