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My personal Facebook account is disabled [Solved]

Hello, Hello sir your security system has been disabled my real Facebook account now iam sending my real proof please sir review it and reopen my real Facebook account Thank you Facebook team

Yahoo mail verification code [Solved]

Hello, I forgot my Yahoo password and I can’t log in. I tired to reset it with my phone number, but verification code is not received. What should I do?

Hi Mark my realy account is selfi please open my account alot alot suri sir [Solved]

Hello, Hi Mark my realy account is selfi please open my account alot alot suri si

Combine Cell Text [Solved]

Hi, I am after an easy way to combine text in several rows into one cell. The number of rows that need combining will vary from 2- 10 (Would be easier if the client who supplies the spreadsheet would learn how to use more than 1 line in a cell). Column A is a date which is merged over several rows Column B is over several rows ... Read more

sign in problem

sir my windows 7 laptop not opening the programs and showing that check the user name password how to solve this

Dual boot internet connection problem

Two story house,,,Modem upstairs,,,computer ( dual boot win10+XP-SP3 )DOWNSTAIRS receiving signal from MODEM downstairs via " Netgear EX6200 WIFIRange Extender " Signal downstairs is VERY STRONG , Win 10 ,,,,,NO PROBLEM ,,,,,,,,,XP ,,,,,,ERROR "Wireless Network Connection Limited or no connectivity . Please help as i can not connec... Read more

My personal account give me please.

Hello, Hallo facebook team. I think you security system has mistakenly removed my facebook account without any reason or issue. when I login my account it shows that your account has been disabled. I uploaded my own clear picture and not using anyone 's identity and after something am not able to log in it seems to disable this account ... Read more


Hello, i need help. my sound is not working even though it is turned up im confused. ????????

Laptop number key is stuck [Solved]

Hi, I have an Evoo laptop and the number lock key is locked, so I can’t get in with my password. How do I shut it off so that i can log into the laptop?

Enable my Facebook account [Solved]

Hello, sir my personal account is disable plz i request u help me reopen my disable account sir plz sir

My Facebook was disabled [Solved]

Hello sir my account has been desabel any information

My Instagram account has been disabled

Hello, my Instagram has been wrongly disabled for “pretending to be someone else”. This account is important to me, I had an important photos and concert reports on it. I tried to appeal this decision by sending the form but unfortunately I get an error when entering my username when I give my username, I get a message saying "The URL... Read more

Best MBOX conversion software [Solved]

Last few days I have suffered to the conversion of MBOX files. Can anyone suggest the best way of MBOX conversion? Which is easier and Saves my all MBOX file into a PST format without loss of my personnel data. Please help me regarding this problem is there is a simple and good MBOX converter software which can easily convert my all email... Read more

Operation failed message on YouTube on Nokia 3310 [Solved]

Hey myslf Rajat, I m facing the same pblm...During the age of smartphone i use NOKIA 3310(many reason)...after 8 yrs i read ur comments, acctlly helpful.. Its crazy know..