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Facebook account hacked and password changed [Solved]

My Facebook email was changed to a account so unable to do a password recovery and they removed my phone numbers from account as well. Tried the Facebook been hacked but not working. Help. Thank you Sincerely Pamela Nelson

Recover Yahoo email without phone number or recovery email account [Solved]

Hello, good afternoon i'm having troubles on my yahoo i use account key but i lost my phone and i dont have recovery email i have my personal things in my email i hope you can help me

Deleted the Messages app on my iPhone [Solved]

Hi, My name is Sherry and I accidentally deleted my messaging app icon on my iphone 8plus. Does anyone know where I can find to restore it? Thanks Sherry

Create a Samsung account [Solved]

Hello, How can I open a Samsung account?

Tizen store not available in my country

Hello, My Tizen store account tells me that my country is not supported, so I'm not able to update my apps.

Facebook security check

Hi, I am having trouble with the security check for a few days now. Facebook is asking me to verify my number, but there is no option to choose my number to verify it. Read more

Forgot my Gmail ID Password [Solved/Closed]

Resp Sir/Madam I have forget my gmail password & also try to re-cover but unsuccessful, please we request to you please note my below mail-ID & help us fro create new password we have very urgently to open this because received my exam hall-ticket on this ID- & exam on 06.11.2017 @*** please help Read more

Operation failed message on YouTube on Nokia 3310

Hey myslf Rajat, I m facing the same pblm...During the age of smartphone i use NOKIA 3310(many reason)...after 8 yrs i read ur comments, acctlly helpful.. Its crazy know..

Create a new Gmail account [Solved/Closed]

Hi, I want to create my Gmail account from google

Download Twitter Lite [Solved]

Hello, Is Twitter Lite available for Android version 4.4.2 as an installable application? If available where can I find it, please help if you have got an idea.

Identity not confirmed on Facebook [Solved]

Hello, Business regarding my all documents available in this Facebook account. Very important. Please reopen my account.