I'm an IT Strategy consultant with a passion for Futurism - new technologies and the way they can change our world! I contribute to CCM by writing articles and translations for the site.

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Facebook security check

Hi, I am having trouble with the security check for a few days now. Facebook is asking me to verify my number, but there is no option to choose my number to verify it. Read more

Facebook Messenger active status disappeared [Solved]

Hi, A few months ago, the active status stopped working. Every time I hit the active option it reads “No Active People” followed by “Invite People.” I use this to monitor my kids, and no one knows how to fix it.

Create a new Gmail account [Solved/Closed]

Hi, I want to create my Gmail account from google

Email disappearing in Yahoo Mail via Outlook

Hello, As soon as I am opening an email in Yahoo Mail, it is vanishing into thin air. Not going to deleted items, not in archive - just gone. This is when I am using Outlook to view my yahoo mail. Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Looking at forums, this seemed to be prevalent in the UK the last few days with BT Yahoo. ... Read more

Blocked from Badoo [Solved]

I was blocked from badoo and I'd like to know why. Because I don't know what I did exactly. read the badoo guide lines but the only thing i can come up with is giving out my numbers was that the reason. or is it something else because I want to open a new account if i can't use the old one???

Factory reset my laptop does not have the f buttons what is recommended to use

I'm trying to factory reset and reboot every data/cache/cookies and system storage/memory storage

Can't recieve my Facebook code

Hello, I lost my facebook number and i can't get a code to activate my account on my email.

Can't log into Facebook because of two-way factor authentication

Hello, I know my facebook username and password but dont have access to my phone number to recieve a code and have lost access to my primary email address. I contacted facebook , sent code by writing it on a paper. none of it worked. No one contacted me. It was such a bad idea to put two factor authentication. Im really dissapointed. ... Read more

Still unable to access my Facebook account [Solved]

Hello sir.. I am Muhammad Kamran ..when my account disable then Facebook information me. submit my identity then I uploaded my identity or and my profile information Then Facebook unlock my account.. But still have this problem i can't login my Facebook..Please help me unblock my account. because I have some business paper in my accou... Read more

Download NFS most wanted with a desktop icon

Hello, How to install NFS most wanted, also creating desktop icon?

No display no beep after the first boot

hi guys. when i turn on pc sometimes its no display and no beep all fans work and HDD is working . and need to resterting pc to work.means after this problem i restart my pc to work fine. how can fix this problem .i hope my motherboard not going bad

Facebook account hacked and password changed [Solved]

My Facebook email was changed to a raver.com account so unable to do a password recovery and they removed my phone numbers from account as well. Tried the Facebook been hacked but not working. Help. Thank you Sincerely Pamela Nelson