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Messenger keeps crashing on conversations with specific people

Hello, Messenger keeps crashing on specific conversations, logs me out, etc. I tried reinstalling, rebooting my phone, clearing my cache, but nothing fixed this. It only happens in conversations with specific people, how can I fix this? Thanks in advance Read more

Facebook notifications

How can I turn off the sound when a new message comes to my facebook inbox? and keep the message from popping up on my screen?

My PlayStation 3

I have a PlayStation 3 how do I program it to play right now it's on Factory build so how do I go by setting it up to play my PlayStation 3

No hdmi signal to pc

Hello, I just got done building my new pc the other day and I went to got boot it up for the first time I got no hdmi signal on my monitor I have unplugged everything several time and hooked everything back still no signal please help!!! What do I do? Read more

problem in Installation of GTA 4

Hello, I recently tried install GTA 4 for but when I open setup it does n't showed me anything and after that I tried to install GTA 4 also but then also nothing happend my setup was not opening. before that once I installed game than it was working but now I don't know what is happening.

how to download play store

Hello, Please download play store

Unable to send photos from my phone to my Mac

Hi i am trying to send photos from my phone to my mac but it keeps saying that i need to make sure the connections is open. i can send files to my phone from the mac no problem at all. i have made sure that my computer is allowing to receive files which it is and it will pick up the phone on the computer but when it goes to connect it ini... Read more

Snapchat quality

I have an iphone 7 , and my camera is clean and good in every app , but in snapchat i dont know whats the problem , my reslotion and quality is very bad in the selfi camera , can you help me?

Copy failed

Hello, I’m trying to transfer files from my iPhone to my computer and in the middle this transfer shows me an error ״the requested resource is in use” Has anyone encountered a similar problem and knows how to help me? Read more

Disable Floating Keyboard

How do I disable the floating keyboard on my Samsung S5 Android? It just appeared.

Gmail password forget [Closed]

Hello, My name is Firdos khan System Configuration: Android / Chrome 66.0.3359.158

Broken phone how to recover data [Closed]

Hello, my sons phone fell and broke the screen and we are trying to recover all his info but the app is blocking the process is the anything that can be done. System Configuration: Windows / Edge 17.17134

Ps3 does not work on TV

Hello I have a ps3 and it works on hdmi in other tv but at tv at my home it doesnt work Whyy please help

Recover numbers from my old phone [Closed]

Hello, I want to retrieve old phone numbers from my old phone lost in 2016. My old phone number is ********** System Configuration: Android / Chrome 63.0.3239.111

Merging 2nd facebook account with first

I wonder if anyone can help me please? I had a bad accident in 2012, prior to that had a 2nd account log in, for my Newborn Photography. I've been unable to log in as I didn't know the password, have got round this and have changed the password, enterest code which was emailed, now it asks for id, but non of my id's will be accepted, ... Read more