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Deleting rows with no data (in a range)

Hello, I have a sheet that I have been working on..all working fine, however I have one last bit that I cant seem to get right. Worksheet - "Front Page" Range is B28:H82 A few of the rows have data in... but I want to be able to remove the rows that have no data in... Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Debs Config... Read more

VBA - criteria lookup and the removing formula from cell

Hi, Could someone help... I have written some code but cant get it to do exactly what I want, and think I have over complicated the problem. Cell J6 - has a trigger either 1 or 0 Cell H6 has formula =If(J6=1,I6,"") - 'this takes a date from I6' I need to remove the formula from cell H6 and replace with the value. Then go on ... Read more