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How to reset your Toshiba Satellite mouse pad [Solved]

Hello, I was using my Toshiba Satellite and it froze up. I turned it off and then back on and my mouse pad stopped working. My cursor will move and highlight an icon but will not follow the command when clicked. I tried the function key and f9 but nothing has happened so far. Thank you for any help provided! Read more

int hdd connected to win 7 and driver driver installed

Hello, I plugged my internal hdd into a sata port while PC powered on, and saw win 7 successfully a pop up showing driver installed for that HDD :) . I go to into disk management and the hdd does not show. HDD appears in BIOS though. this HDD used to have win 10 on it and got the black screen of death and I got frustrated since i co... Read more

iPod won't work at all

Hello, My iPod won't work at all anymore. It's dead. The home button doesn't work so pressing the top & home buttons won't do anything. It won't charge at all anymore. I tried all chargers & still nothing. Completely dead. What happened to it and what can I do to make it turn on?

My computer won't recognize my ipod

Hello, I read through all the questions and answers, I've done it all! Rebooted my ipod, switched cables, reinstalled the latest version of ITUNES... nothing! When I plug in (no matter what USB port) I get no Ding, it does not show up under device manager, because the PC does not recognize it at all. I've used this IPOD on this PC for a ... Read more

Accessibility of C and D drives in same system but different OS

Hello, I have been using Dell inspiron 1525 laptop with Windows Vista OS, but last 2 months i could not open the system because of unknown reasons. So, I installed windows 7 and am using with low disc space as well as not possible to access the D drive. When I access that D drive, it shows Access Denied. Please rectify this probl... Read more

Best Mobile App?

Let us know what the best mobile app is, in your opinion. Let us know why it is the BEST! I really LIKE Netflix is great because if I am waiting because others are wasting MY time, I can get all of the episodes of "PORTLANDIA" I want! I have said it once, I will say it again. IT! Read more

Compaq CQ58 failling to start up

Hello, my patop is failling to start up. it was working just fine last night before i went to sleep. When i attempted to boot it its giving me a blank screen and a message in the bottom left corner that reads press ESC to startup machine. i have tried it several times to no avail. kindly assist Configuration: Windows 7 / Chr... Read more

Need a solution to connect a projector to my laptop , which does

Hello, have a HP laptop VM82736 , it does not have an Orion to connect to a projector... What is the solution since I need to connect to a projector for my training session.pls help Rgds Chitra Configuration: iPhone / Safari Indeterminable