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A wise man once said, 'I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.' I am interested in financial Modelling and custom excel development with excel macros.

Arrow keys not working in Excel [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I am using Excel 2000. I am tring to move from one cell to another in Excel by using the arrow keys on my keyboard but nothing happens. I was always able to move up, down, right or left using the arrow keys but this problem just started out of the blue. DaisyE Read more

excel 2007 is not working properly

Hello, We are using office 2007. My problem is, we are type 2400 or other number in my excel sheet. It hides the last to digit. It show only 24 .We are also open the new sheet and also reinstall the office 2007. But my problem not rectify. So please help to us. as soon as possible Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 4.0.1 Read more

Write a formula in exel

Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0 I am trying to write a formula - If the sum of a group of cells is more than 8 then the balance needs to be in a specified cell. Please help, thanks,

Help with Excel macro

Hello, Hi. I am not a programmer and have not used Visual Basic before so that's probably my first problem (!) but I am trying to debug a macro in a workbook that a former colleague created and having no luck. The macro is designed to update values in a summary table based on various scenario inputs which are user created. That is, I ... Read more

Comparing and pasting

Hello, I have 4 columns. Col1....|....Col2.....|....Col3..|....Col4.....| ----------|--------------|----------|---------------| A............SSHH.............B...................... B............XXYY..............C...................... Now the macro should compare Col1 and Col3. If any value is found in Col3, den paste the t... Read more

= Left(D2, 3) = "=" “using VBA the color [Solved]

Hello, I am trying to use more then 3 conditional formatting and have found myself working with vba. What I am trying to do is: look-up the left three numbers (ex. 31512345678) and if “315” then color cell this (=LEFT($D2,3)="315"). I get that; however in VBA I am not able to apply the same code (multiple times). Private Sub Work... Read more

paste macro to varible row address [Solved]

Hello, I currently have a worksheet with a data base in it. I can call up the data using the vlookup function. i need a macro that will allow me to replace some data in the data base. i know that what row number the data occurs in and the columns remain fixed. so i need to basciall perform a command that will do the following" ce... Read more

Adding Dates [Solved]

Hello, I am trying to find a formula that calculates dates. Like I have two boxes with a beginning and date in them, and I want to calculate the days between. Example - Work dates 10/1/09 - 10/3/09 and I want a formula that calculates that it equals a total of 3 days. Can I do that? Read more

IF iserror with 2 cells match [Solved]

Hello, If i have 2 cell that i need to match to 2 array row and print "W" or "L" if both of the cell match. This is what i have =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(C13&D13,8:8&9:9,0)),"W","L") example C13: Mike D13: 9 Row 8 is name, if Mike is there and Row 9 is age, if age match print "W". But my formular only seem to compared the first... Read more

Comparing and analysing columns in EXCEL

Hello, Can anyone help me? I want to create a formula to analyse 2 or more columns in excel. For example I have a column headed 'gender' and another headed 'level'. I've inputted the data but want to be able to create a formula that can tell me for example how many boys got a level 1. Can this be done - Im fairly confident with exc... Read more

Excel conditional formatting row color [Solved]

Hello, I am trying to get Excel to automatically change the color of a row depending on the entry in column H. I've got some VBA code written up, but I can't seem to get it to work. Am I making a programming mistake, or is it something else? here's the code: Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Column 8 Then Exit... Read more


Hello, I would like to know if you can change text from lower case to all capital without haveing to use caplocks and retype everything when working in excel?

Excel Formula Counting Diff IF

Hello, I am trying to write a formula to count only certain dates of events in colum A but only IF column F meets certain criteria. I have a formula to count the differenence already in column A for another number I need, but I'm having difficulty adding to the formula to meet the 3rd critera. This is my working formula to count eve... Read more

auto filter problems

Hello, i am facing a problem with auto filter. excel 2003 i have 2000 rows and about 6 coloumn. i have saved my data. due to some reason i cant find some items when sorted through coloum a. say for eg : coloumn a consists company names. ( abc, xyz, aaa, bcc) coloumn b: contains : name of person. when i find the name of compan... Read more

find text and copy into new column (excelvba)

Hello, Please help me, can anyone of you tell me how to find a text in excel for example "channel1" then find "channel2" and then "channel3".all the text are written in the same column "column A". then cut and paste all the other text in range between text "channel2" and "channel3" into a new column "column B". Read more

remove rows in excel if not in list

Hello, I have an excel spreadsheet with chart number and data, many chartnumbers are there multiple times (which is correct). 36K rows. I want to remove patients who aren't in another list (a spreadsheet of those patients included in my study, a list of some 400 patients, one record for each person). How do I remove the rows fro... Read more

Macro/VBA needed to find, match, copy/paste [Closed]

Hello, Ok so i've searched and searched and still haven't found code to do exactly what I need. The macro needs to be able to search hundrends of cells in the same column (sheet1) and if a cell in that column matches the first cell in another worksheet (Sheet2), then the macro pastes the following cells (from the same row on sheet2) o... Read more

Conditional formatting

Hello, I am looking to input a formla to shade a cell depending on the result within it. e.g. If the number result is 540 it should be red. Please can you advise if this is possible using conditional formatting and how I can achieve this? Thanks Read more

Conditionally deleting rows in excel 2007 [Solved]

Hello, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with this. I have a spreadsheet where column A is a project name then columns B, C and D are financial data for the specific project. What I would like to do is delete the entire row for the project only if columns B, C and D ALL contain Zero's. I can set up a filter and filt... Read more